When we were preparing for the seminar, I looked up the definition for the word “reality” and it goes like this: “Reality is an environment – a space – that has developed from two opposite forces coming from one source.” For me the definition is tremendously complicated and when we gave our seminar the title “seminar about reality” , it didn’t occur to me that there is a different definition than the one I had made up myself, that - to be in reality means to be in a real environment at this very moment.

We invited two speakers, from very different backgrounds, to help us find a more elaborate answer to these questions, by discussing the impact that our life online has on our understanding of reality

Jurģis Šķilters - chairman  of Laboratory for Perceptual and Cognitive Systems, professor at Faculty of Computing in Latvian University and Ph.D in philosophy explained to us what it is, that they are researching at the Laboratory and talked about the impact of social media and new technologies. And Santa France, an artist and participator in the previous kim? exhibition cycle talked about her work and what inspires her - the online communitys and how they affect our comunication with each other.

The room was pact. There was a lot of information going around during the lecture. It was much to take in, but the crowd was intrigued enough to stand throughout the seminar.

After the talks, a panel discussion was held, where people used their opportunity to speak up about the things they’re interested in and exchange opinions and thoughts. In the end we found out that humans are really like social animals, that strive to be a part of one internet community or another. We also talked about social lies, about how the virtual world influences children and teenagers, and a lot of other topics that are relevant today and will be in the future. After the workshop we were invited to visit Jurģis in his laboratory and conduct some experiments and I am really looking forward to it!



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