Matangi / Maya / MIA dir. Steve Loveridge

One of the hottest documentaries of 2018 is about a Sri Lankan born musician / activist M.I.A (a reference to abbreviation Missing in Action) and her story of becoming an icon of modern hip-hop / dance music.
It is very important that M.I.A had the chance to tell her story in her own way. Director had access to so much self-filmed material, videos from her childhood, her culture, family. That’s the greatest film’s triumph – it has so much of the provocative singer in it, her vision, her journey, it’s all superb and noteworthy.
The other half of the documentary – the montage of all the past recordings and recent interviews, was not as strong as M.I.A’s vision itself. It came together as a big collage of many elements, in some places done neatly, in other - missing a few pieces. Loveridge had in his hands over two decades of visuals of the musician / political activist. Has he done the best he could?
The most important aspect of her is not missing – it’s her mission, to tell the world of her home country, to help her people, to make her music go further than just pop / rap songs, without a meaning. The lyrics, the controversial music videos, her stage appearances - it is all for something bigger than her.
It’s sometimes unpredictable, sometimes shocking and very daring. She is going her own way, the right way to help her home country, even after suffering huge backlash as a result. Film’s ending is not the ending of M.I.A, she will be fighting for as long as she can. 

written by Kristians Fukss


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