On the 17th of July 2017, exceptionally rare works by a very famous artist were on show at kim?. The artworks were created for this particular exhibition to be set up at the Contemporary Art Center. The author of abovementioned pieces has already had eight successful shows so far, and others are about to appear. The tour to the exhibition had been held by an acknowledged art critic, who helped kim? visitors get acquainted with pieces and unveiled astonishing facts about the artist's work as well as his personality.


The most unexpected fact of all was a revealed fraudulence of the whole exhibition and the artist’s personality. “Very famous artist exhibition” was a fruit of imagination, contemplation and creativity of youngkim collective workshop curated by an artist and a resident of "Trauma & Revival, Contemporary Encounters" Liene Pavlovska. The aim of the workshop was to analyze the whole concept of a famous, successful artist, and the public acceptance of such a figure and his work.

Liene Pavlovska is interested in encounter situations and crosspoints in which spectators turn into actors and fictional narratives start shifting into reality. She works with collages, three-dimensional installations, audio recordings and audience choreography. A starting point for Liene's work is her interest in changes in the system of public organization, as well as in the interpretation of the past and future projections on the present. Liene has worked as a stage designer and an exhibition designer at the Latvian National Library, the Latvian Puppet Theater, Daugavpils theater, Dirty Deal Theater and independent projects. She has graduated from the Scenography Department of the Latvian Academy of Art., and is currently studying at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam.

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Foto: Adelīna Kalniņa


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